• Tuesday, June 19, 2018

In The Mix with Moon Dust (2017 Edit)

Moon Dust has collected synth based music for a two selection of many styles, strange and also emotional tracks. This selection will take you on a musical typhoon and includes awesome great artist like Anael Kess, Massimo Ghianda, Void Vision, Marco Turrini, Duggi, Valve and many, many others. Enjoy this journey, be there, share and take your time to listen to handpicked selection from the Moon Dust studios especially for this two hour radio special Catch the next ‘In The Mix’ Saturday 8pm (GMT) 3pm (EST) 12pm (PST).

Track Listing:
1. Marco Turrini – MORPHEUS the fall
2. KLEISTOPHOBIA – Hell on Earth
3. Silencio Personal – Death is just the Beginning- Sonia Electra
4. OLOWEX-Discode
5. Camille Lecomte – Dis Tango
6. Mudra – Dhyana
7. SlingingWain feat. Augenmerk- Burning Tones
9. Da Reel Bobby Fisha – None Of The Above
10. Cesium Swimsuit–Cosmic Balance
11. MARC GODFREY – The Devil Can Have Me (The Vampire Bats)
12. KLEISTOPHOBIA – Efialtis(mixed with Void Vision – Hidden Hand)
13. Void Vision – Hidden Hand
14. Deep – Lucía Fenix
15. Klangschwester – Lost my ground
16. Duggi – Playing for Peace Vol. 3 Our Decision
17. Fever – River Soul & Moon Dust (cover)
18.Lost In Space – Brillbilly
19. Anael Kess – The Key
20. VALVE – Beyond Earth
22. Creep – Irina (cover)
23.The Cosmic Puzzle – ALEX MUSIC ART and Jenny Jumble (bass and some effects Moon Dust)
24. Bruslii – The hall of mirrors (cover)
26.Message in time – Yana Semour & Moon Dust
28. She a freak – Chan A-V g
30.When You Wish Upon A Star – Flunk
31. Massimo Ghianda – M4-01011000—-
32. El Parisa – ILLUMINATE (Fantasy Club Remix)
33. 1MAK – The Sign
34. Shot Blocker – Flight Of The Emu

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